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When you use the Contact Form at the right you'll be reaching out firectly to Donna Anderson, a real live person and one of the owners of THCM.  She takes your questions and concerns very seriously and will do her utmost to ensure you're a satisfied, happy couponer.  

Product Questions

We're happy to answer your questions about any of the products you see on our site.  Tell us which coupon or insert you're asking about and we'll get right on it.

Delivery Questions

We're also happy to answer any delivery questions you have about your order.  We process hundreds of orders every week so please be sure to provide your order number when you contact us.  

We've probably already answered your questions about delivery times here on our FAQ page and on our Terms page which you were shown when you placed your order.

Order Error Questions

Get the wrong coupons?  Missing a few?  Again, we're happy to help.  Please provide your order number and as much detail as possible and we'll do whatever we can to solve the problem.

About The Happy Couponer Marketplace

THCM is owned and operated by Donna Anderson and Jessica Crowe.  We're located at 691 Butler Avenue, in Columbus, Ohio, zip code 43223.  Our phone number is 614-826-2346 but we're rarely available to answer the phone.  For a quicker response to any question, please use the email contact form on the right.

THCM does not stock, clip, or ship coupons or coupon inserts from this location.  All coupons and inserts are handled by the vendors you see on the site.  Each vendor has his own source for inserts which all become available at different times throughout the week.  Each vendor is responsible for setting his own lot sizes and selling prices, for accurately clipping each of his own orders, and for fast shipping from his own location.  

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You're welcome to call us at 614-826-2346 but you'll get a much faster response if you use this email contact form 🙂

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