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For questions about your order, please provide your order number.

Before you send that email, please note…

We are not responsible for and we do not guarantee delivery time.   The USPS says First Class Mail takes 3-5 business days but they don’t guarantee it, therefore we can’t guarantee it, either.  Therefore, we rarely issue refunds for delayed or late deliveries.

Because orders are shipped via First Class Mail, there is no tracking mechanism available.

Our policy is to allow a full EIGHT BUSINESS DAYS FROM THE STATED SHIP DATE. Saturday and Sunday are not business days. In our experience, 99% of anything that could happen to an order is rectified within this time frame. By waiting EIGHT BUSINESS DAYS FROM THE STATED SHIP DATE, we will have let all things run their course and allow for the issue to remedy itself. After that, we get involved.

Please understand that things like “My coupons usually arrive in 2 days. It’s been 3 days and they still haven’t come” cannot be dealt with due to the sheer volume of envelopes that we ship each week. Please wait the full EIGHT BUSINESS DAYS before contacting us about a potentially lost order.

If your sale ends or the coupon expires within that EIGHT BUSINESS DAY time period, we respectfully suggest that you DO NOT PLACE THE ORDER. If you do, you are ordering at the risk of the coupons not arriving in time for the sale or by the end of the expiration date.

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Please note:  If you prefer to contact us via the phone, by all means, feel free to leave a message but please include all pertinent information, including your order number or the coupon you’re interested in.  We are extremely busy clipping coupons every day of the week and we will not return your call to ask you for more information so we can then go research your problem and call you back again with an answer.

The best, fastest way to get an answer?  Use the email contact form above and tell us everything you can 🙂

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