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Coupon Clipping Services: Us vs The Other Guys

We placed orders with 3 other coupon clipping services.  Wait ’til you see our results!

We’ve got a pretty good system down, here at The Happy Couponer, and since we’re fast approaching our One Year Anniversary we thought it would be a good idea to check out some of the other clipping services out there and see how we rate. The results, to say the least, were surprising!

This morning we placed orders with three popular clipping services – Klip2Save, The Coupon Clippers, and Coupons Clipped Cheap.

Please note: We’re not afraid to give you the links to these other clipping services. Grandpa always said, “If you can’t run with the big dogs then stay on the porch.” We think we’re keeping pace with the pack, and maybe even gaining a little.

Today we’re going to talk about our ordering process vs their ordering process. We just placed all three orders this morning so we’ll have to wait a few days to talk about shipping times and such.

Site Navigation and Ease of Use

This is the one area where we know The Happy Couponer needs a lot of work. Our coupon clipping website has only been up since September, so we’ve come a long way from the days when we just had a big page of links with Paypal buttons that you had to scroll through.

Maybe it’s because we’re super self-critical, but we found that, with all three of the other sites, it was much easier to place an order than it is at The Happy Couponer. We’re working on making this better – all the time. Unfortunately, we’re not computer whizzes, so every baby-step for us is like a giant leap for the other guys.

On the plus side, we’re always around to answer questions when you have problems placing an order. One of us is online from about 5 am to 8 pm EST almost every day.

Update:  On April 1 we launched our New & Improved Happy Couponer Coupon Clipping Service and the results are amazing!  We’re runnin’ with the BIG dogs, now!

Update:  On April 1, 2015 we launched our NEW, New & Improved Happy Couponer Marketplace!

Coupon Selection

After scrolling through the other sites, The Happy Couponer seems to be holding its own as far as coupon selection is concerned. Sure, we saw a few different coupons on other sites, but they were mixed in, in the same order and with the same coupons we carry which leads us to believe those few oddballs are regional coupons included only in select marketing areas. We probably have a few of those on our site, too.  

Coupon Availability

We looked at two things here: When coupons are posted and ordering limits.

When coupons are posted: At least two of the other sites say they already have next week’s coupons clipped, sorted and ready to ship. Bully for them, but we don’t think it matters. In the past, we’ve listed new coupons as early as the Thursday before they come out in the paper and we’ve seen no difference in the number of coupons ordered or the number of orders placed.

The orders for the new coupons just come in earlier because the coupons are posted earlier. Let’s face it, you order coupons based on two things: the sales in your area and your own personal needs. Sale prices change every week and vary from marketing area to marketing area. It might be a hot coupon for you this week, then it’ll be a hot coupon for somebody else next week, so aiming for “hot” is like aiming at a moving target.

And your own personal needs, well, they’re YOURS and they vary from person to person. We have people who order from us 4 or 5 times a week – on a regular basis – so we’re not worried about how early we post ’em, we just worry about getting them on the site fast enough so you have time to use ’em.

Order Limits:  We’ve frequently seen those other sites set limits on how many coupons you can purchase. Right now, even as we speak, Coupons Clipped Cheap is limiting their customers to only 10 Wet ‘n Wild coupons per day. In one way, this is a good thing. Setting limits helps make sure everybody gets some.

But we think it’s also a bad thing – in many ways: 

You rack up more shipping fees because you have to place multiple orders. (Yes, those other sites charge shipping fees. We’ll get to that in a minute.)

It forces YOU to come back and place another order tomorrow if you want more. And let’s face it – if you want 100 Wet ‘n Wild coupons NOW you’re gonna go where you can find ’em – NOW.

Limiting how many coupons you can order would mean we’d lose your business, you wouldn’t get the coupons you need when you need ’em, and ultimately, we’d be stuck with a lot of expired Wet ‘n Wild coupons!

At The Happy Couponer we never set limits on the number of coupons you can order.

Clipping Fees

While we have to give points to all three of the other sites for their websites, The Happy Couponer definitely rises above the competition when it comes to clipping fees.

Our clipping fee is only $.08 per coupon. Period. Regardless of the value or popularity of the coupon.

Clipping fees on the other three sites start at $.08 (we did see one $.05 coupon in there somewhere) but they rise right along with the coupon’s value or popularity.

Here’s a few examples:

$5/1 any Nature Made CoQ10 product (3/2/2014) Klip2Save – $.40 The Coupon Clippers – $.35 Coupons Clipped Cheap – $.20 The Happy Couponer – $.08

Here’s an even better example, using the popular Wet ‘n Wild $1-Off coupon: Klip2Save – $.12 The Coupon Clippers – $.15 Coupons Clipped Cheap – $.10 The Happy Couponer – $.08

Now, that 7-cent difference between their price and ours might not seem like much, BUT… We had several customers order 150 of the Wet ‘n Wild coupon. That 7-cent difference means their coupons would have cost $10.50 more if they’d ordered them from another site. That’s 10 Free bottles of nail polish they lost!

It takes the same amount of time to clip a $10-off coupon as it does to clip a $.50 coupon. Why charge a higher clipping fee? Because some people will pay it!

Shipping and Administration fees 

We’ve always offered free First Class Mail delivery – even if you only order one coupon. (And trust us – we do have people order only one, just to test us out!)

So imagine our surprise when we saw this:

Klip2Save – $1 added to our order to cover shipping (We ordered 20 coupons. The most this would cost is $.49.) Coupons Clipped Cheap – $.99 added to our order to cover shipping. (Again, we only ordered 20 coupons.) The Coupon Clippers – This was the most surprising of all! We tried to order just 10 coupons but we got this message: Total must be at least $3.96 including shipping and administration fees! So we bumped up our order to hit that mark and our receipt showed $.49 for shipping and $.50 for “administration fees.”

So, let’s say you wanted to order 100 of those Wet ‘n Wild $1-Off coupons that are always so popular. How would The Happy Couponer shake out in the mix?

Us vs Klip2SaveOrder total from Klip2Save: $12 + $1 shipping = $13. Order total from The Happy Couponer: $8.

Us vs The Coupon ClippersOrder total from The Coupon Clippers: $15 + $.99 = $15.99. Order total from The Happy Couponer: $8.

Us vs Coupons Clipped CheapOrder total from Coupons Clipped Cheap: $10 + ($.99 x 10) for shipping = $19.90! (You would have to place 1 order per day for 10 days to get your 100 coupons from Coupons Clipped Cheap.) Order total from The Happy Couponer: $8 (And you could order them all at the same time!)

In all three cases you would pay a lot more for your Wet ‘n Wild coupons from one of those other clipping services.

Even if you ordered an 8-cent coupon from one of those other services it would still end up costing you more than it would if you ordered from The Happy Couponer because they all charge shipping and/or administration fees on every order.

Obviously, since your main reason for couponing is to save money, we think that pretty much says it all. But we’re not going to call a winner here until we see how what happens with our 3 deliveries. Stay tuned and we’ll post our results in a few days!

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