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Can You Really Save Money With a Coupon Clipping Service?

What is a coupon clipping service?

A coupon clipping service provides clipped, individual coupons for a fee. One of the main benefits is that you can get coupons that you wouldn’t ordinarily find in your own newspaper inserts. For example, there’s currently a Wet ‘n Wild coupon out there that’s available in RedPlum inserts only in select cities. But Wet ‘n Wild cosmetics are available in stores nationwide so everybody wants this coupon.

Why would anyone want to use a coupon clipping service?

A lot of couponers buy their local Sunday paper just so they can get the coupon inserts. In some areas this can cost as much as four or five dollars a week. But most people don’t use every single coupon in the insert, so when you do the math they’re paying a lot of money for just a few coupons.

“At,” says Crowe, “our average coupon price is just $.08. You can get 50 coupons of your choice for the price of a Sunday paper in most areas. That’s 50 coupons that you know you’re going to be able to use. Why waste the money on a paper you’re not going to read and a bunch of coupons you won’t use when you can spend the same – or even less – and get exactly what you want?”

Coupon clipping services are also a great benefit for extreme couponers who buy in bulk. Crowe often has customers buy 40, 50 or 60 copies of one coupon because they’re stocking up their pantry. “A few weeks ago I had a couple of customers buy 120 of that $3 BIC coupon because in some areas it was a money-maker, they could actually make money when they bought the product because the coupon was worth more than the product cost.”

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