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Check Your Grocery Store for After-Christmas Deals

Before you head out to take advantage of all those after-Christmas mark-downs, don’t forget to put your grocery store on the list of places you want to check out. You might be surprised at what you’ll find.

We’ve worked and shopped in grocery stores in 6 different states and they’re all basically the same: 

Their current ad will run through the entire week: Instead of changing ads on Wednesday or Thursday they’ll let it run through Saturday or Sunday. Traffic is down for a few days and a lot of employees have time off, so they don’t change the ad. If you passed up a great deal last week because you were too busy to get to the store, you probably still have time.

They’ll put out a special ad: Look for a special one- or two-page ad, just something to get your attention and maybe promote some clearance items.

Look for Unadvertised Deals

Grocery stores, like any other store, bring in extra stock on just about everything during the holidays. The difference is they don’t wait until January to start marking stuff down.

Holiday decorations: They know you’re not going to come into the store looking for marked down decorations after Christmas, you’re going to go to your local department store where you’ll have a broader selection. So they mark everything down before the holidays while you’re still in the store to buy it. If you haven’t already been looking for those unadvertised deals on decorations, now’s the time to start.

Storage containers: Look for mark downs on holiday food storage containers and bags and foil roasting pans. They all last forever and they work whether it’s a holiday or not.

Perishables: The bakery department is a good place to start. Look for pies, cakes, cookies, muffins – anything they may have overbaked for the holiday. When you find a good deal, snap it up and put it in your freezer.

The deli is another good place to look for bargains. Cheese balls, sausage and pepperoni can all be frozen and those specialty snack crackers have a long shelf life.

Look for markdowns on fresh and frozen turkeys in the meat department, along with roasts, bacon and breakfast sausage. Again, stock up and put it in your freezer.

And don’t forget to check the bread aisle for price reductions on bread, donuts and holiday snack cakes. You can put all of these items in your freezer, too.

Bottom line: Do you really need more holiday decorations to clutter up the attic? Probably not. But you’ll always need food, so start at the grocery store first and take advantage of those after-Christmas bargains.

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