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Couponing Tip: Three tips to help you save even more

So you’ve been diligently clipping your coupons and you’ve cut your grocery bill in half.  Good for you.  Give yourself a pat on the back, or treat yourself to a new pair of shoes.  But it’s a new year, a time for setting new goals.  What if you could save even more?  Because you can, you know.  You can always spend even less than you’re spending now.  Here’s how!

Adjust your spending limit

Maybe you think you’ve already cut your spending to the bone, but when’s the last time you really tested your limit?  If, in the past, you spent $200 a week on groceries and now, with coupons, you’ve cut it down to $100, why stop there?  Set yourself a new limit of $95 and see what happens.

Learn how to cook

Jessica and I are both chefs – she cooks and I bake.  Even though we both know our way around a kitchen with our eyes closed we still catch ourselves putting processed foods into the shopping cart.

Do you have any idea how easy it is to whip up a banana cream pie on the fly from stuff you already have in the pantry?  We’ve made donuts from Betty Crocker Cake Mix.

And if you think about it, that means we can also make them from scratch from staples we already have in the cupboard because somebody somewhere had to make those biscuits and cake mixes from basic ingredients.

When you buy any kind of processed food you’re spending extra money to have someone else prepare that food for you.  Learn how to make it yourself and you’ll see a significant savings.  (Not to mention it’ll probably taste better!)  Here’s a link to free cookbooks for your Kindle at Amazon.  They’re FREE.  Load ’em up and start cooking!

Think outside the box

A few months ago we went through the checkout line with 50 packages of Maruchan noodles because they were free when we used our coupons.  People looked at us like we were crazy.  Do we actually eat Maruchan noodles every week?  Of course not.

But we do use the noodles (without all that salty seasoning) to make tasty pasta dishes like spaghetti and meatballs or sesame chicken pasta salad.  Pasta is pasta no matter how it’s shaped.

And because we bought the Maruchans – which were free – we didn’t have to buy pasta.

Learn to recognize a great deal when you see it – like the Maruchans – and then think outside the box to see how many different ways you can put it to use.

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