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Couponing Tip: You’re Missing Big Savings if you Don’t Subscribe and Open Your Email!

A couple of days ago Jessica got an email from CVS with a 20% discount on her next shopping trip. When she mentioned it in her CVS Haul video we immediately received feedback from a couple of our readers: How do we get that 20% discount? The answer’s easy – First you have to subscribe, and then you have to open the email.

The benefits of subscribing to newsletters

Almost every blog or website offers a free newsletter these days – including the websites of all your favorite brands and products.

Most of these newsletters – especially those of manufacturers – are professionally researched and written.

These newsletters generally over-deliver on helpful product advice because the sender knows you’re only going to open the first two or three emails and if you don’t find them helpful you’ll never open any more.

In order to ensure you keep opening their emails and maybe even spread the word to your friends, most blogs and websites – even the big-name manufacturers – include special “Subscriber ONLY” offers on a regular basis. The only way you will see these offers is if you subscribe to the newsletter and then open it when it arrives. 

Whose newsletter should you subscribe to?

  • Every blog you read
  • Every store you shop
  • All of your favorite name-brand manufacturers – Pillsbury, Kellogg’s, Nestle’s, Hershey – the list is endless
  • All of your favorite products

Note:  In almost every case, when you initially subscribe you’ll be sent a confirmation email and asked to click a link to confirm your subscription.  Do This!  This is a legal step required of the newsletter publisher.  If you don’t confirm your subscription they can be held accountable if you complain.  So, to protect themselves, they won’t send their newsletter until you confirm your subscription.

Use your real email address

I see free offers all day, every day, and they generally want your email address. I also see bloggers all day, every day, recommending that you set up a second email account strictly for collecting all these free offers so you don’t clutter up your regular email inbox.

That’s all well and good, but that initial freebie is just the tip of the iceberg. If you never open another email from that sender again you’re missing out on some great “Subscriber Only” offers – like that 20% discount Jessica got a couple of days ago.

Note: If you change your email address either update it with the sender or resubscribe with your new address. 

Check your spam folder

The one Internet rule you can always count on is: Everything changes… all the time. Your email provider is constantly update their email system, changing programming and filters. Sometimes these changes affect the emails you receive. Emails you’ve been opening for months suddenly go straight to your spam folder.

Check your spam folder on a regular basis. If emails you want are going into spam, open them up and send them to your inbox, and then add them to your contact or white list.

Open and READ the email

Of course, you’ll never see those “Subscriber Only” special offers if you never open and never really READ the emails. We include some type of access to free coupons in almost every newsletter we send – and we send at least one every day. Yet rarely do we ever have a subscriber use one of the coupon codes we send out or take advantage of the free coupons we offer for something as simple as sharing an email.

A lot of our customers would never have to pay to use our clipping service ever again if they opened and really read their emails. We subscribe to dozens of newsletters and we open and read every one. If it contains something of interest, great. If it doesn’t, it just takes one mouse click to delete it and move on.

But you’ll never hear us complaining because someone got a 20% discount in their email and we didn’t. If we’re not already a subscriber you can bet your boots we will be – and we’ll open and read the newsletters!

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