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Crabby Patties and Miller Lite: Meijer Match-up Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough

Crabby PattiesA couple of weeks ago I posted a recipe for Crabby Patties here on the blog.  So, last night I finally got around to making them for the grandmonsters and here’s a pic.  Yeah, Jess surprised me with the snap so I didn’t have time to move my Miller Lite outta the frame.  Kids!  Whatcha gonna do? Anyway, I used the Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie dough like the recipe said.  Mine look a little different than the picture I posted a few weeks ago but I think I used too much peanut butter.  (I never really measure anything.  Just scoop it out and eyeball it.  Or maybe it has something to do with the beer?) The reason I’m bringing this up is this… You can still print a coupon for $1 off 2 packages of any variety Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough at  If you don’t need it now, you know you’re going to need it for the holidays, so stock up now and save.  This week, Meijer has Pillsbury Ready To Bake Cookie Dough 11-16.5 oz on sale for just $2.  With the coupon, that brings it down to just $1.50 per package. Seriously.  You can not make sugar cookies from scratch for less than that and these are a lot less hassle.  Plus, they taste good!  So yeah… the heck with the mixing bowl.  Pass me that cookie dough!  And don’t forget the beer!

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