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CVS: Why We Shop There and Why We Blog About It

cvs extrabuck rewardsA couple of days ago we received an email from C.S. who’s been with us from the very beginning. We thought C.S. Had a couple of good questions that everyone might like answered so, instead of doing that email thing we decided to answer it right here on the blog.

First, the question:

How does the CVS bucks program work? You keep praising CVS – when I see something 2/$6 and there is only 1.00 or .50 coupon, I’m not sure why people are excited. Could you explain how the CVS bucks program works? I really appreciate all your time! You 2 R AMAYZING!! Thank you for all you do for all of us!

Well, C.S. – We think you’re pretty amazing, too! Especially since you put up with so many of our shenanigans! So we’re going to try to answer your questions.

Why We Shop At CVS

If we turn one way when we leave our house there’s a CVS and a Walgreen’s, right across the street from each other, about a mile away. If we turn the other way, there’s a CVS and a Walgreen’s, right across the street from each other, about two miles away. So why do we shop at CVS more often than Walgreen’s? We shop more at CVS (compared to Walgreen’s) because we’re more comfortable with CVS so it just seems like we always end up there. It’s like our favorite Kroger store on Eakin Rd. here in Columbus. There are a few dozen Kroger stores in the area and we’ve shopped at most of them, but when it comes time to do the real shopping where we pay attention to sales and coupons we choose the store we’re most comfortable with. We know the layout, we know the employees, we know when they put out new stock and change the unadvertised specials and we know the best low-traffic times to shop in that particular store.

Why We Blog About CVS

We blog about CVS because you, our readers, ask us to. While you don’t see many comments on this blog (yet!) we can tell by the number of page-views which posts you find most helpful and our CVS posts are always big hits. We also blog about CVS (and Walgreen’s and Target, and now Ibotta and Checkout51) because we want you to understand you have lots of options for reducing your grocery bill. We get emails every day from people who’ve never clipped a coupon in their life and suddenly, their financial circumstances have changed and they need help. And we also blog about CVS extrabuck rewards because it gives us a chance to show you, our reader, how you can combine in-store promotions with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings. In the beginning we, too, thought it was a waste of time to chase after those $1 CVS extrabuck rewards or that measly little 50 cents you get for scanning a dozen eggs into your Ibotta app, but it all adds up, and eventually it adds up BIG TIME. So, you see, C.S., we’re really not praising CVS, we’re just letting you know what’s out there, giving you some options for saving. In fact, in this next post, “CVS: What’s the Big Deal about ExtraBuck Rewards?” we’re going to tell you why we’re against the whole reward points thing, no matter what store you’re shopping in.

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