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Don’t Sell Coupons on Ebay – We’re Better!

Don't sell coupons on EbayOne of our Happy Couponer Vendors recently gave us some feedback she’d received from her friends who still sell coupons online at Ebay.  We’ve changed her name to protect her privacy. Here’s what she had to say:

I was talking to several vendors that sell (coupons) on Ebay and told them about your website. They read the terms and conditions and they got back to me, and here is what they said. I thought you (might) be interest(ed) in hearing this.

1.- They don’t trust someone else to hold their money.

2.- It’s 1 more task to do in this business. (It’s a) major task keeping track of sales and money (at The Happy Couponer.)

3.- They (have) been selling for 4+ years and know keeping a good honest (rapport) with customers is what’s keeping them coming back to buy .

4.- They pay the hand that feeds them ( in this case e-bay) if they don’t they loose their income.

5.- They need the money for supplies and shipping.

They all agree that # 1 reason for not signing in with The Happy Couponer is the money part.

Thank You!

We’re so glad this vendor took the time to send us this feedback because now we have a reason to brag about our website!

Why You Should Sell Coupons at The Happy Couponer Marketplace

The Money Issue

We’ve had Vendors sell coupons on The Happy Couponer Marketplace since May 2014.  Every single vendor has been paid every single cent they were owed, every single week – without fail.  You’re welcome to private message any of our vendors and ask them about it.

In the beginning we did pay our vendors at every sale but then something happened.  One of our vendors asked if we would transfer his money just once a day.  Then he asked if we’d transfer just once a week.  When we took a closer look we realized he was actually making more money because he was paying less in Paypal fees.  Use your own business as an example and you do the math.

The Time Issue

When we first started it was difficult to keep proper records.  Over the years we’ve upgraded the site.  Now, everything you need is visible right on your vendor dashboard.  You’ll find all of your past and current orders, all of your past ad current commissions, all of your products, and everything you need to run your coupon clipping service.

We Support Our Vendors

We also step in on the vendors’ behalf which is something Ebay rarely does. Most customer contact comes through us – not the vendor – and we field a lot of questions and resolve a lot of issues that the vendors never hear about.  This gives you time to do what you really want to do – sell coupons!

Your Ebay contacts say they’d rather pay the hand that feeds them, but when’s the last time Ebay stepped up for a vendor?

Your Customers Buy From YOU, Not Ebay!

And more important, why would they want to pay ANYONE if they don’t have to?

Ebay isn’t feeding the vendors, the vendors feed Ebay by providing excellent customer service. In exchange, Ebay limits their ability to sell by imposing strict limits on what they can and cannot list.

Those customers aren’t buying from them because they sell coupons on Ebay, they’re buying from them because they provide excellent customer service.  They’d buy from that vendor no matter what site they’re listing on. In fact, the first customers we had here at The Happy Couponer followed us from Ebay – and they’re still here… and they brought their friends.

And what does Ebay really do for coupon vendors? Do they send out a newsletter promoting their coupon vendors? Do they give them a link on the homepage? Do they put together coupon matchups and link to that vendor’s coupon? Do they answer their questions about the mechanics of listing or do they just send them to a link? Do those vendors even know the NAME of one single person at Ebay?

We’re Not Ebay, We’re Better!

It’s true. The Happy Couponer Marketplace is NOT just like Ebay and it never will be. We may not have all the bells and whistles (yet!) but as far as we’re concerned, the fact that we can’t pay vendors ‘instantly’ is just one tiny piece of the big picture.

The Happy Couponer Marketplace is better than Ebay, because…

  • Unlike Ebay, we WANT coupon vendors on our site. Has anyone from Ebay EVER contacted you and said, “We WANT you to sell coupons on Ebay?” Would they even miss you if you left? Do they even know who you are?
  • Unlike Ebay, we personally welcome each new vendor to The Happy Couponer Marketplace and we stay personally connected. We know your name and in some cases we even know your kids’ names.
  • Unlike Ebay, we support our vendors – we DON’T always assume the customer is right and strike down your listings or ban you from the site.
  • Unlike Ebay, we actively market our site and our vendors to people who are interested in buying coupons.
  • Unlike Ebay, we also forge personal relationships with our customers and protect their interests, as well, which leads to a much more loyal and happier customer base.
  • Unlike Ebay, we know what coupon sellers need in a site and we’re willing to cater to those needs.   We’ve recently invested in a more user-friendly, trust-worthy website design and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the site.
  • And, unlike Ebay, we don’t care how many listings you have or how they’re configured.  It’s your business and we just want you to be happy!
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