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How do I find out about grocery store deals in my city?

Dog on GoogleAt least once a week we think, “Man! Wouldn’t it be great to live in XYZ City? Their grocery store is having a Triple Coupon Event this week!” We try to alert you when we see these announcements but there’s no way we can keep up with every sale in every grocery store in the country. But you can. Here’s how! Use Google to Find the Best Bloggers There are thousands of bloggers all over the country who cover grocery store, pharmacy and department store deals. Some also cover online shopping deals, freebie offers, giveaways, and frugal living advice. Somewhere out there is a blogger who covers exactly what you’re looking for, you just need to find her. And that’s where Google comes in. Just go to your Google search bar and type in whatever it is you’re looking for. If you’re looking for deals at a specific store, go to your Google search bar and type: Name of store, followed by the word “deals” followed by your city or state. For example, “Target deals Columbus Ohio” If you’re looking for deals on a certain product, type in the name of the product, the word “deal” or “sale” the name of your city or state. The general date also helps narrow down your search. For example, “Pampers deals Columbus Ohio 1/5/2014” In most cases the first few listings you’ll see will be store or manufacturer listings. Scroll down the page though and even go to the second or third page, and you’ll start seeing all the different blogs pop up. Don’t stop at the first blog you see – check out three or four or five. Read some of the posts, bookmark them and come back a few times, heck – subscribe to their newsletters and see just how informed they really are. Before you know it you’ll have all the information you need to shop and save money at any store in your marketing area.

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