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How do I find stores in my area that double coupons?

just google itWe’re fortunate to live just a few blocks from a Kroger store that still doubles manufacturers’ coupons (knock on wood) but you might not be so lucky. Other than hopping in your car and canvassing every store in the state, how do you find grocery stores in your area that double manufacturers’ coupons? We’re glad you asked!

Just Google It

Look for stores: Start by searching for grocery stores in your area. You might think you’ve heard of all of them but you might be surprised when you see what pops up. Type “grocery store” and the name of your city or a nearby city. Look for coupon policies: Once you get a list of local grocery stores (or pharmacies), visit their websites if they have one. Look in the menu bar at the top of the page and look in the footer at the bottom of the page to find a link to the store’s coupon acceptance policy. Look for local bloggers: While you’re at it, bloggers can be a valuable source of information. There are lots of bloggers out there who cover just one store. For example, we follow, a blog that covers just the Kroger stores in one particular city in Ohio. We get up-to-date sale and matchup informtion from her that’s relevant to our marketing area. Just go to your Google search box and type in the name of your favorite store, the name of your city or state, and the words “deals” “matchups” or “blog” and see what pops up. Before you shop at any store you should always contact them directly to find out about their coupon policy. Websites aren’t always immediately updated and some chains leave it up to the individual store managers to decide what they will and won’t do. And unless you’re shopping in the exact same location that blogger shopped in, with the exact same cashier, you can’t be certain you’re going to get the same results. Always contact the store first to verify their coupon policy.

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