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How Many Sunday Papers Do You Buy Every Week?

We know a few couponers who have 20 Sunday papers delivered every week and then spend a few hours driving around collecting inserts from friends and neighbors and dumpster diving. All told they’re spending an awful lot of money and time collecting their coupons. And what about those weeks when the coupons are kinda blah, or worse yet, what about those weeks they pay for 20 papers and there aren’t any inserts that week?

How many Sunday papers should you buy?

It depends on a few things: 

Your store’s coupon policy: Our store only allows a maximum of 5 like coupons per transaction.

Your usage: Almost every item in the store goes on sale every 3 to 4 months so there’s really no need to buy enough of anything to last you a full year. (unless it’s free and non-perishable, of course)

Your goal: How aggressive do you want to be? Over the past 6 or 8 months we’ve cut our grocery bill by at least 60% – and we want MORE!

The Cost of Acquisition vs Your Actual Savings

Our Sunday paper costs $2, so if we had 10 copies delivered every week it would cost $20 a week or $1,040 a year. But there are some weeks when the coupon selection isn’t relevant to our household, some weeks where we only clip one or two, and some weeks when there aren’t any inserts at all. So we’d actually be spending money for newspapers we don’t need.

On the other hand, sometimes there’s an awesome coupon that we’d like to have more of, like that $.50 coupon for Green Giant frozen vegetables we had a few weeks ago. (When our store doubled it, we got free vegies!) In the long run you’ll generally save a lot more money using coupons than you’ll spend buying and acquiring Sunday papers, but all those papers and all that driving are still an additional expense – an expense that can be drastically reduced when you use a coupon clipping service.

The Cost of Acquisition vs the Cost of a Coupon Clipping Service

At The Happy Couponer Coupon Clipping Service our clipping fee is only 8 cents per coupon.

If you’re paying $2 for one Sunday paper: Instead of paying $2 for one Sunday paper and only getting maybe 10 coupons you’ll really use, you can get those same 10 coupons from our clipping service for just $.80. If you’re paying $10 for 5 Sunday papers, you could be getting 125 coupons for that same price – and you could be choosing exactly which 125 coupons you want, even if you want 125 of the same coupon.

If you’re paying $20 for 10 Sunday papers every week … you’re nuts! That means you’re spending a lot of time clipping, sorting, storing and organizing and Time Equals Money. You could be getting 250 coupons of your choice from our clipping service for the same price and they’d already be clipped and sorted.

And on those weeks when the coupon outlook is bleak or there aren’t any coupons at all… you don’t spend ANY money.  Doesn’t that make much more sense?

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