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How to Save More Money With Coupons – Let's Talk!

Would you be surprised to learn that 43% of American shoppers are happy to save 25% or less at the grocery store? We were, and our first thoughts were, “Good lord! Somebody needs to talk to these people!” And you know what? If you want to save more than 25% on your grocers – a LOT more – that’s exactly what you need to do – Talk about it! It’s not a typo. That 43% number is an official statistic published by RetailMeNot, the largest digital coupon site in the U.S. According to their polls, 92% of American consumers use coupons, yet a whopping 43% of those coupon users are happy when they save 43% or less on their coupon purchases. How to save money with couponsWe wondered why so many would be happy saving so little and suddenly it came to us: Most people don’t really understand how to use coupons. They clip a few here, clip a few there, but they’re not really into it. If they trip over a coupon they can use, yay! If not, they don’t even think about the possibility that there might be a coupon out there somewhere that would save them some money. And yeah, they’re happy that their efforts were rewarded with a $5 savings at the check-out stand, but they’d be just as happy if they only saved $3, and if they saved nothing at all they wouldn’t even notice. Let’s face it, it takes a lot of time and energy to really save money with coupons. It’s an expenditure that most people aren’t willing to make. Everybody’s busy with work and kids and life in general so you really have to be committed to couponing if you want to see more than a 25% savings.

And what’s the best way to stay committed to a goal? Talk about it!

Think about it. When you’re trying to lose weight or stop smoking the first thing the experts tell you to do is tell everybody you’re on a diet or you’ve smoked your last cigarette. Telling everyone around you that you’re trying to achieve some specific goal accomplishes two things:

  • Everyone around you joins in to support your efforts
  • You work even harder because you’d feel like an idiot if you didn’t achieve your goal

So what’s the best way to join the 57% of Americans who are saving 60, 70 and 80% a week – every week – at the grocery store? Talk about it!  Tell your friends and family members how much you saved at the grocery store this week with coupons – even if it was only $5. Take some of those free cookies you got last week into the office and pass ’em around. Won’t you be surprised when one of your co-workers pipes up and says, “I saved $100 with coupons last week. I’ve been using coupons for years. Let’s get together and start a coupon club!” Your Aunt Mary will offer to give you her Sunday coupon inserts. Your mother might chime in with some shopping tips. And your neighbor, who’s also secretly been couponing for years, might offer to be your shopping buddy so you can both bring home bigger and better stockpile hauls. When you start talking about couponing you’ll be even more motivated to see just how much you can save with coupons because everyone around you will be boosting your excitement. It won’t take long before you’ll wonder why you were ever one of the 43% who were happy to just save 25% or less.

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