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Jessica’s CVS Haul for Halloween – Check out all the FREE candy!

I laugh at Jessica all the time because her idea of advanced math is adding two numbers together that equal more than her total number of fingers and toes, but ya gotta hand it to her – she knows how to shop!

This trip to CVS was strictly for Halloween candy and Jess brought home 8 bags for just $7.  And we’re not talking about DumDum lollipops and Smarties here.  We’re talking Twix and Snickers bars!  The good stuff!  Check it out…

Even though she walked out of CVS with all that candy AND $10 worth of Extra Buck Rewards, this deal is NOT a Money-Maker like so many other coupon bloggers like to call it.  She still had to pay $7 for this haul and she can only use the Extra Buck Rewards on her NEXT trip to CVS.

So this is a prime example of Rolling your Rewards – NOT a Money-Maker. Here’s her video from last week’s CVS haul so you can see how she racked up the Reward Bucks.

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