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Jessica's Kroger Haul for 2/1/2014

Told Ya So DanceWe were definitely doing the Happy Dance when we unpacked all those shopping bags yesterday.  It was our biggest Kroger Haul ever:  A total of $477.87 worth of groceries for just $161.50! But what really made it a great haul (and what really had us doing the “Told ya so dance” was the 65 bags of FREE Bird’s Eye Recipe Ready Frozen Vegetables we picked up.  Yeah, that’s right I said, “FREE!”   Total retail on the vegetables alone was $140.  Sale price was $96.85.  But we paid “0” dollars.  We got ’em FREE!

Watch the video and then we’ll tell you how we did it!

Remember how we kept telling you about that $.75 cent coupon we had and how it would actually be more valuable than the $1 coupon everybody was looking for?  Especially if your store doubles?  And remember how we told you to get a bunch of ’em and keep ’em handy because those darn vegetables were going to go on sale? Well, we waited until the last minute to use ’em in case somebody wanted to order ’em.  They expired at midnight last night and since we still had a bunch on hand we decided to go shopping. It took a little bit of planning to put the transactions together but it was worth it.  Here’s what we had to work with:

  • Our Kroger store only allows a maximum of 5 like coupons in 1 transaction
  • The vegetables had to be purchased in mix-and-match multiples of six.  (The sale price was $1.99.  If you purchased 6 participating items – mix-and-match allowed – you saved an additional 50 cents per package, making them $1.49.)

We went to 2 different Kroger stores.  At the first store we only picked up the vegetables and some Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers because we just wanted to make sure it would work. At this first store we made six transactions, each consisting of:

  • 5 packages of Bird’s Eye Recipe Ready Frozen Vegetables – Sale price $1.99 – Buy 6 Save $3 price $1.49
  • 1 Dole Fruit Smoothie Shaker (also included in the Buy 6 Save $3 Deal – on sale for $1.99, and if you had 6 participating items they were only $1.50  Our coupon was for $.50/1, which doubled to $1, making these $.50 each.

So we picked up 5 packages of vegetables and 1 Dole Fruit Smoothie Shaker for $.50.  And we did it 6 times at the first Kroger store!

What if you don’t like Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers?

Like I said, this trip took a little planning.  We knew we wanted the vegetables.  We knew we could only purchase 5 packages in each transaction.  And we knew we’d need to pick up one other item that was included in the Buy 6 Save $3 deal. In two of our transactions we picked up a $.65 can of tomatoes that was included in the deal.  That made our sixth item so we could get the sale price on the vegetables. We also had some of the Hungry Jack Hash Brown coupons with us.  The Hash Browns were on sale for $.99, our coupon was for $.50/1 – which makes them FREE – and they were also included in the Buy 6 Save $3 deal.  Unfortunately, they were out of stock at both stores so we had to improvise with some canned tomatoes.

What’s the takeaway here?

Always be prepared – We knew this coupon was out there, we knew we had plenty on hand and we knew this product would eventually go on sale before that coupon expired.  If it’s a product you use all the time – grab plenty of coupons as soon as you see them in print and hang on to them until the product goes on sale.  Even if it doesn’t go on sale before the coupon expires you can still use the coupons to pick up some additional savings. Sometimes smaller is better – There were two coupons out there for the Bird’s Eye vegetables.  One was for $1 off and the other was for $.75 off.  While everybody was frantically searching for the $1 coupon, we knew the $.75 coupon was a better deal because it would double to $1.50.  Sure, Walmart had those vegies on sale for a buck – for one week only – and that made the $1 coupon a great coupon – for one week only.  But from the time our $.75 coupon was printed until its expiration date those vegies were on sale for $1.49 almost every week at at least one store in our area. The more you plan, the more you save – We spent about 3 hours planning this shopping trip.  That included making our shopping list, breaking up the transactions and clipping all the coupons.   Two hours went into the trip to the first Kroger store.  While we were there we cruised the aisles looking at sale prices.  Then we went home and stashed our first 30 bags of vegies and put together our transactions and coupons for the second Kroger store where we did most of our shopping.  Three hours of work for $316.37 worth of FREE groceries?  Yeah – it was definitely worth it!

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