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Jessica's Kroger Haul – November 1, 2013

KrogerLast week she said she wasn’t going to go Krogering this week but you know Jessica – she’s always thinking ahead. Jessica has been on vacation from her job this week which means next week’s pay check will just be at her standard rate with no overtime included. ┬áSo, instead of waiting until next week when money might be tight, she shopped this weekend while she has a few extra bucks. ┬áPlus, since she’s on vacation, she had the time to re-con the store and then plan a shopping list that included the coupon deals she found. The coupons she used… Nature’s Own Bread – $.75/1 exp. 11/15 Barilla Pasta Sauce – $.75/1 exp. 11/23 Green Giant Vegetables – $.60/3 exp. 12/7 Fruitables – $.75/1 exp. 11/7 Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk – $.55/1 exp. 12/13 Mott’s – $1/1 exp. 11/17 Marie Callender’s Sides – $.75/1 exp. 11/17 Campbell’s Go Soup – $.75/1 exp. 11/30

Here’s the video…

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