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Jessica's Kroger Haul – October 26,2013

KrogerAll told we put about 4 hours into this shopping trip which included clipping and organizing the coupons for two separate transactions, scouting the store for deals the day before the actual shopping trip, and the time we actually spent shopping. (For you it would have only taken about 2 hours because you don’t have to write everything down so you can blog about it and make a video when you get it all home!) The results speak for themselves… Original Retail: $272.96 Coupons and Loyalty Card savings: $161.34 Final Cost: $109.62 Saved: 59.8 percent When you do the math you see we saved almost $110, which works out to more than $25 per hour. Like I said in the video – Show me a part-time job that pays $25 and hour and I’ll eat YOUR hat! Here’s a list of the coupons we used: Nature’s Own Honey Wheat Bread -$1.99 unadvertised special – coupon $.75/1 doubled to $1.50 for $.49 per loaf Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese – $1 each unadvertised special – coupon $.25/1 doubled Barilla Pasta Sauce – $1.99 unadvertised special – coupon $.75/1 doubled to $1.50 for $.49 each Barilla pasta – On sale 10/$10 – coupon $.55/2 – $4.50 for 10 boxes using five (5) coupons Ultimate Hamburger/Chicken Helper – unadvertised at 2/$5 – coupon $.50/1 doubles to $1 – Buy three and get a $2 Catalina good toward next purchase Marie Callender’s Easy Sides – unadvertised at 2/$3 – $.75/1 coupon doubles to $1.50 which makes them free Progresso Recipe Starters Cooking Sauce – Dollar Tree 2/$1 – coupon $.50/1 – use two coupons to get both cans free Eggland’s Best Eggs – $1.69 regular price – $.35 coupon doubles to $.70 – Final price $.99 Campbell’s Skillet/Slow Cooker Sauces – These are HOT right now.  We always find them on sale at Kroger and Target, so we keep these coupons in the binder at all times.  Campbell’s Skillet Sauce and Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce.

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