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Jessica's Kroger Haul – September 22, 2013

Last week was absolutely WHACKO here at the Happy Couponer.  Orders were pouring in for that Rachael Ray dog food coupon, the Colgate coupons were flying out of here almost faster than we could clip, and to top it all off, the wonderful folks at AT&T screwed up our Internet connection so bad we’ve been knocked offline since Saturday. Thankfully, the Columbus Metropolitan Library has Wi-Fi, so we haven’t missed a beat, and we were even able to get our weekly Haul videos uploaded to YouTube. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is Jessica’s Kroger Haul for Sunday, September 22, 2013.  Because she already has a nice stockpile of basics, like rices, pastas, sauces and frozen foods, Jessica needed to stock on up some fresh meats and produce this week, and she was also able to take advantage of a few bargains, for an overall 37 percent savings.  Check it out!

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