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Jessica's Kroger Haul – Sunday, October 13, 2013

KrogerJessica had the opportunity to go Krogering all by herself on Sunday. Just Jess and her coupon binder. Yep… you guessed it. She came home with a ha-yuge haul! Our local Kroger store on Eakin Rd. in Columbus, Ohio is having a mega-sale this week with tons of products on the 10 for $10 list. Even better, on a lot of those items if you buy 10 you get 5 more free. Even Better-ER, our Kroger still doubles coupons! So, needless to say, Jess stocked up! Note: The King’s Hawaiian Bread Hamburger Buns she bought are $3.79 for a package of 6. Yeah, that’s pretty expensive and it’s not something she does all the time. But this week she had some extra room in her budget because of the stockpile she’s built up. The video’s pretty self-explanatory and here are some of the coupons she used: Rosarita Beans – Save $.55/2 Ro*Tel Tomatoes – Save $.40/3 Hawaiian Bread/Manwich – Free Manwich WYB 1 King’s Hawaiian Bread Sandwich Buns Green Giant Vegetables – Save $.60/3 Eggland’s Best Eggs – Save $.35/1 Ajax – Save $.35/1

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