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Jessica's Target Haul – October 12, 2013

target haulJessica never was very good at Math when she was in school and she’s certainly no better now. *sigh. What’s a mother to do, right? When you listen to her do the math in her videos I’m sure you wonder – How DOES she manage to save so much money when she can barely put two and two together. Don’t worry. She’s not really as horrible at sums as it seems. When she’s shopping she’s in the zone. But Jessica insists that all of our videos be unscripted and real. Consequently, she has to remember all these prices and coupon values off the top of her head. It’s a cute head, to be sure, but by the time we do these videos it’s often clouded with Miller Light because we are, after all, The Happy Couponers! In this haul, Jessica shows you how she stacked a $1/1 Target coupon with a $1/1 manufacturer’s coupon to get 2 packages of Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce for free. Then she used her Target Cartwheel code combined with a manufacturer’s coupon code to get another one for just 64 cents. And there’s another lesson in this video: Always clip the coupons and always have them with you! Jessica found 6 boxes of Bertolli pasta on the clearance rack, marked at 64 cents and the original price was $1.29. When she used this $.55/2 Barilla Pasta coupon she got each box for just 37 cents.

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