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Jessica's Target Haul – September 29, 2013

We want to give a special Shout-Out today to Britni, one of the nicest, friendliest cashiers we’ve ever met.  Not that all Target cashiers aren’t wonderful.  We shop at Target on W. Broad St. in Columbus, Ohio, every week and always hand over a fistful of coupons and we watch the screen to make sure we get all our $5 Gift Cards.  We’re obnoxious sometimes and we know it but we’ve never once had a Target cashier pull one of those grumpy faces on us and that’s one of the main reasons we like Target – their happy, cheerful cashiers!  So thanks, Britni, (Yes, we CAN see you reading this post!) for another great shopping experience at Target! Today Jessica picked up some super deals on Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner, Charmin Toilet Paper and Advil.  And, as usual, she walked out of the store with FOUR MORE $5 Gift Cards!  Damn!  How DOES she do it?  Let’s watch and see! Get the BOGO Pantene Coupon HERE while we still have them in stock!

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