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Jessica's Walgreen's Haul – October 12, 2013

Walgreen'sWarning! Mathematicians may find this vdeo offensive! If you’re wondering: How DOES she manage to save so much money when she can barely put two and two together.? – Don’t worry. Jessica’s not really as horrible at sums as it seems. When she’s shopping she’s in the zone. But she insists that all of our videos be unscripted and real. Consequently, she has to remember all these prices and coupon values off the top of her head. It’s a cute head, to be sure, but by the time we do these videos it’s often clouded with Miller Light because we are, after all, The Happy Couponers! In this haul, Jessica basically went to Walgreen’s just to check out their prices on Prevacid 24HR, Gas-X and Benefiber to see if that $10/3 coupon would be a Money-Maker at Walgreen’s. As so often happens, she tripped over a few good deals she couldn’t pass up while she was supposed to be doing research! BTW – That coupon WASN’T a Money-Maker at Walgreen’s but it IS at Publix and Walmart. But then, you’d already know that if you’ve subscribed to our Daily Newsletter 😉

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