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Jessica's Walmart Haul – September 15, 2013

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog FoodEven though we’re not big fans of Walmart we wanted to film a haul video so we could show you how you can really save money when you use those “money-maker” coupons everyone talks about. You can read about our harrowing Walmart experience in yesterday’s blog post – Walmart Georgesville Rd. Columbus, Ohio: Cashier is an idiot, Chuck is a douche, but Nick, the Store Manager, Rocks!  And you can read all the match-up details HERE. Trust us when we tell you this coupon is really a money-maker.  Walmart’s price is $1.88 so you make 62 cents on every tub you purchase when you redeem this coupon.  At Kroger the retail price is $2.39 so you’ll still make 11 cents per purchase.    

Click Here to get your $2.50 off coupon for Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Super Premium Food for Dogs

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