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Our Halloween Video is Too Cute! Here’s how to get your own!

On Monday we tripped over this guy on who makes these really cute Halloween videos for just 5 bucks. We had one made for The Happy Couponer and it’s so much fun we thought we’d:

A. Show it to YOU! – It’s only 50 seconds long so it won’t take up your whole day and we think you’ll have some fun.

B. Tell you how you can get one, too! We think this would be so much fun for your family, especially if you have kids. All you have to do is provide this guy with one picture 700 pixels wide by 400 pixels high – and it can be anything you want. Your kids in their Halloween costumes, a Happy Halloween message for your family and friends – whatever!

In less than 48 hours he delivers a video you can easily post to YouTube and then share with all your family and friends all over the world. Check out his Fiverr gig HERE. (No, he’s not paying us to promote his service. We just think it’s cool! And you can’t beat it for just $5!)

The Happy Couponer Happy Halloween Video


Be The First To Know!

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