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Every December I find myself wishing I’d been a little more frugal throughout the year. I look back at Christmas and think about all the gifts I didn’t buy and all the cookies I didn’t bake because the money ran out before I got to the end of the list.

Don’t get me wrong, we had plenty of Christmas cookies and everybody enjoyed their gifts. We even put together a big donation for the food pantry.

But I just always want to do more. I want to give cookies to everybody in our neighborhood and give presents to people I don’t even know – just because it’s Christmas. I want more lights and decorations and lots and lots of bows and tinsel.

As a couponer you’re probably thinking you already do everything you can to save money. You spend hours clipping and scanning the ads and a few hours more scanning the shelves for the best bargains. And it’s true – as couponers we do already have a leg up on everyone else when it comes to saving money.

But everybody gets in a rut. It’s human nature. You think you’re doing everything you can simply because you don’t know of anything else you can do so you just keep plugging along, patting yourself on the back, and at the end of the year you’re in the same boat you were in last year – wishing you had just a few dollars more for Christmas.  

Take the 52 Week Challenge

What would you do if you had an extra $1,378 on December 1, 2015? That’s about 4 times what I spent on Christmas this year so I know I’d be over the moon, but what about you? Think about it…

You’d be able to pay cash for Christmas and you wouldn’t get all those depressing credit card bills in January. Maybe that extra $1,378 could pay for a trip to Grandma’s house for the holidays or you could use it to take the kids to Disney World. Or maybe that’s just the cushion you need to allow you to help give someone else a brighter Christmas.

Seriously, what would you do if an extra $1,378 showed up in your wallet on December 1, 2015?

Here’s how to get it – painlessly!

Start today – right now – before you even finish reading this. Get yourself a big envelope, or open up a savings account or set up a Paypal account if you have to, and put $10 in it – now. Why $10? Because if you want to have $1,378 on December 1, 2015, you need to catch up. And in the grand scheme of things $10 is almost nothing these days so just do it. Do. It. NOW!

Now, every week for the next 48 weeks you’re going to make another deposit into your envelope or account, based on the amounts in this chart:

Now, think about it…

Your first deposit was $10. You next deposit is only $5, then $6 the next week, then $7, and so on. You won’t have to deposit $10 again for another 6 weeks and by then you won’t even notice it.

The most you’ll ever have to deposit is $52 on the last week. That’s only $7.43 a day for that week and you probably spend that much on coffee and danish every morning or fast food for dinner or pay-per-view movies or something else you don’t really need.

And by the time you get to that last week you’re already going to be in another rut only now it’ll be a good rut – a savings rut – so you’ll probably be thinking, “Jeez – this is so easy I should have doubled my deposit every week and I’d have $2,756!”

Let’s get started!

Just like going to the gym or going on a diet, it’s always easier if you do it with a friend so you can help each other over the humps. I’m going to track my progress here every week to help keep you motivated so keep checking back.

Today – $10… Next Christmas? $1,378!

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