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The low-down on double and triple coupons

The low-down on double and triple coupons

This is your lucky day. You just found a coupon for $2.50 off a package of Huggies and your local retailer is offering triple coupons today. That means you can shave $7.50 off those diapers, right? Maybe, but probably not. Before you get all excited, here’s the low-down on double and triple coupon offers. There are limits: Most stores will only double a coupon valued at 50 cents or less, or they’ll double it up to $1. For example, if your coupon is for 40 cents off, they’ll give you 80 cents and iff your coupon is 50 cents they’ll give you $1. If your coupon is for 75 cents off, some stores will only give you 75 cents and some will give you $1, but most stores will not double the value and give you $1.50. It may not be an every day thing: Some stores only double coupons on certain days of the week or only once a month. Here’s a tip: Know your store’s coupon policy before you start shopping. Policies vary from store to store: Policies vary from chain to chain, region to region and store to store. Sometimes it’s even left up to the manager’s discretion. Call around to find out which stores in your area offer double or triple coupons. DND trumps all: Regardless of your store’s coupon policy, if your coupon says DND the store can’t double it. DND stands for “Do Not Double” and that comes straight from the manufacturer. Who pays for that coupon?: The manufacturer reimburses the store for the face value of the coupon but if the store doubles or triples the value then it’s the store that pays the difference. In other words, it’s really the shopper who pays the difference because the store makes it up by raising prices on other items throughout the store. So don’t be upset if your store stops offering double coupons. It often means lower prices for everyone.

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