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The Happy Couponer vs Klip2Save: Let’s talk about shipping fees

The Happy Couponer Marketplace never charges a shipping fee. Compare us to Klip2Save and most other coupon clipping services and you’ll find that we’re unqiue. You’ll probably also find yourself asking, “How do they do it?” But we’re wondering, “Why are you still buying coupons from them?!”

Let’s Compare Shipping Fees

At The Happy Coupon all of our orders ship for free, via standard USPS First Class Mail. Of course, we also offer Priority shipping for an additional fee, but let’s compare apples to apples.

The Happy Couponer – USPS First Class Mail – Always FREE for every order

Klip2Save – USPS First Class Mail – Always $1 for every order

What Happens When You Place Multiple Orders?

The demand for hot coupons is generally greater than the supply, and experienced couponers know that most clipping services won’t let coupons linger in a shopping cart long before the coupons revert back to open stock.

Consequently, instead of spending time browsing the site for all the coupons they want, most experienced coupons place and pay for multiple single-item orders to ensure they get those hot coupons.

At The Happy Couponer Marketplace our shipping is always free, regardless of how many coupons you order or how many orders you place during your shopping trip.

At Klip2Save you pay an additional $1 shipping fee for every single order.

How Much Are You Really Paying Klip2Save to Ship Your Coupons?

Let’s imagine you’re looking for 3 hot coupons this week – The $1/2 Maruchan coupon, the $.45 Angel Soft coupon and the coupon for $5/1 Hydroxycut product. You know every other couponer on the planet is also looking for these coupons so when you find them you’re going to have to grab them – fast!

At Klip2Save, worried that you’ll lose the coupons if you don’t act fast, you place a seperate order as you find each coupon. Then you go back and place a fourth order for all of your regular coupon needs. Your grand total at Klip2Save for shipping for all four orders is $4.

Now, repeat that same scenario at The Happy Couponer Marketplace. Go ahead and place those same 4 orders and your shipping will be zero dollars. In other words, no matter how many orders you place and no matter how large or small the order, your shipping from The Happy Couponer will always be free!

Every Penny Counts

You’re obiously a savvy shopper. You could be buying multiple Sunday papers every week to get those inserts. Instead, you buy your coupons online and spend less money acquiring only the coupons you want, in larger quantities than you could afford if you had to buy a paper for every insert.

So it only makes sense to also consider the shipping costs you’re paying to have those coupons delivered. In a world where every penny counts and you pride yourself on the money you save every week using coupons, why would you continue to pay the Klip2Save clipping fees when you can get your coupons shipped free every week from The Happy Couponer Marketplace?

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