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Why Klip2Save Charges A Shipping Fee And We Don’t

why-klip2save-charges-a-shipping-fee-and-we-dont-have-toWondering how The Happy Couponer Marketplace can get away with free shipping while Klip2Save has to charge you $1 for every order? Well, wonder no more. Here’s how we do it.

It’s All About Supply and Demand

Coupon values often vary from one marketing region to another. For example, couponers in California might see a Maruchan coupon valued at $1 off when you buy 2, while at the same time Ohio couponers might see that Maruchan coupon valued at $1 off when you buy 3.

Experienced coupon clipping services understand that couponers everywhere are going to be looking for that $1/2 coupon. They also understand that if they want to make their customers happy they better find it.

Why Klip2Save Has To Charge You For Shipping

In the coupon world profit margins are already understandably narrow. After all, no matter how hot a coupon is, if you had to spend more for the coupon than you save when you used it you’d put away your scissors forever. And, because coupon values are relatively low compared to other products you buy online, it stands to reason that profits are also relatively low.

Most coupon clipping services, Klip2Save included, are operated by one clipper who resides in one marketing area with access to only that one marketing region’s particular insert coupons. In order to offer their customers those higher-value coupons from other marketing regions they have to pay a supplier in that other region to find and ship them the inserts.

So it’s easy to see why Klip2Save adds that $1 shipping charge to all of their orders. They’re paying multiple suppliers in multiple marketing regions to find and ship them the different inserts. The only way to recoup that cost and make a profit is to add that extra $1 to every order you place.

Think that $1 shipping fee is cheap? Think about how many orders you place each week.  That $1 shipping fee really adds up!

Why We Don’t Have To

At The Happy Couponer Marketplace we have the same inventory concerns as Klip2Save. We know you’re looking for those high-value coupons. We also know if we don’t have them you’ll go somewhere else. The difference is this:

We have coupon clippers located in every major marketing region in the United States. We don’t have to buy their inserts and then pay them to ship them to us. At The Happy Couponer Marketplace we hook you up so you can order directly from the coupon clipping servce that has the coupon you’re looking for.

Not only do we eliminate our cost of acquiring the coupons, we eliminate those extra shipping charges to get that stock, too. And since our costs are lower we’re able to keep your costs lower and offer you free shipping on every order – No matter how many orders you place and no matter how large or small the order.

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