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Saucy Savings with this Pioneer Gravy Mix coupon at Publix!

Pioneer Gravy Mix couponThis Pioneer Gravy Mix coupon is a blessing in disguise.  Yeah, you’ll save a bunch of money but you’ll also have perfect gravy to serve with your mashed potatoes.  And let’s face it, when you have all those guests around your dinner table, eye-balling every dish, non-lumpy gravy is crucial!

Pioneer Gravy Mix is on sale for $1 per package at Publix through Dec. 13 or 14, depending on your location.  With this $.55/1 coupon you can pick up as many packages as you can carry for just $.45 each.  Keep in mind – this coupon will not double.


Here’s the $.55/1 Pioneer Gravy mix coupon:

Here’s the Publix scenario from our favorite Publix blog, I Heart Publix.



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