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No P & G inserts in your Sunday paper, again?  Of course, we think the best source for P & G coupons is The Happy Couponer Marketplace, but read on and we’ll give you a few other sources.

Every month we cross our fingers only to be disappointed when the P&G coupons are missing from our Sunday newspaper – again.  Apparently, we live in one of the marketing areas that P&G deems ‘unworthy’.  That, combined with the fact that our local newspaper orders too few inserts every week, means we rarely see the P&G insert.  If you’re on the ‘unworthy’ list too, read on and we’ll tell you where to find them.

Where to find those elusive P&G coupons

Print them at the P&G website – If you have the paper and ink to spare, then you can print P&G coupons at their website.  Unfortunately, you’re limited to one print per coupon.

Print them at – You can also print a limited number of P&G coupons at  You’ll only see the coupons that are available for your marketing region.  If you change your zip code then you might be able to find those elusive regionals you’re looking for.

Drive across town – We live in a large city with several zip codes.  Twenty miles away, on the other side of town, the P&G insert is included in the Sunday paper.  If you’re up for a Sunday drive then check the newspapers in surrounding cities to see if they’re on the ‘Worthy’ list.

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The best place to get your P&G coupons is The Happy Couponer Marketplace. Browse our site and you’ll find the largest selection of manufacturers’ grocery coupons on the Internet.  Buy clipped coupons or whole inserts and have them shipped directly to your home.  Shipping is always free and you’ll find no hidden fees at checkout.

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Don’t Bother Contacting P&G

Don’t bother trying to contact P&G.  Maybe there aren’t enough couponers in your area to warrant printing all those coupons.  Maybe their products are already popular in your area and they’d rather drive sales in a new region.  For whatever reason, they have decided that they don’t want their coupons to be circulated in your marketing area and nothing will change their mind.

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