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Sell Coupons Online: Safety Tips


If you think you’d like to sell coupons online we’ve got a few safety tips for you.  After all, selling anything online can be scary, but coupons have their own special set of dangers.  These tips will help you avoid the pitfalls and make money with your new online business.

Sell Coupons Online:  Safety Tips

Only Sell Your Service

While the definition of ‘selling coupons’ is vague, at best, it’s still scary when you see it printed out in all that legal-eze.  To be safe, always specify that you are not charging a fee for the actual coupons you clip, only for your time and mailing supplies.

Do Not Guarantee Delivery Date

Never guarantee a delivery date.  You have no way of knowing what’s going to happen to that envelope once you drop it at the Post Office.  It could be lost, it could be delivered to the wrong address, it could be accidentally re-routed, you just don’t know.

Verify The Shipping Address

Don’t just assume the customer didn’t receive her coupons.  Tell her the address you shipped it to and then ask her to verify that it’s correct.  If it’s not correct then it’s not your fault – the customer gave you the wrong address.  If it is correct then it’s not your fault – the Post Office hasn’t delivered it yet.

Verify Payment Received

Always check to make sure you’ve received payment before shipping the order.  Once those coupons are in the mail they’re gone – whether they’re paid for or not.

Only Sell to Reputable Buyers

Ahhh, and there in lies the biggest danger when you want to sell coupons online.  Believe it or not, there are some buyers out there who will do anything they can to get 10 $3-off Tide PODS coupons for free.  They’ll give you enough time to ship their order and then file a Paypal claim for non-receipt.  And they’ll most likely win because it wouldn’t make sense for you or the customer to pay extra to put a tracking number on that order.

But when you’re selling your coupons on Facebook or some other social network, how do you know who to trust?

The answer is:  You don’t!

That’s why you need to join The Happy Couponer Marketplace so you can safely sell your coupons online!

How Do We Handle The Bad Guys?

When a customer buys your coupons through THCM, their payment goes through our Paypal account, first.  If they turn out to be one of the Bad Guys and file a Paypal claim, it’s our account that’s affected, not yours.  We process thousands of transactions each week in our account and we have a stellar reputation with Paypal.  Those Bad Guys don’t stand a chance against us!

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