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Top 7 Reasons to Join The Happy Couponer Marketplace Today

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Looking for a place to sell coupons online?  Join The Happy Couponer Marketplace and start selling today!

Top 7 Reasons to Join The Happy Couponer Marketplace Today

1. Unlimited Listings

At The Happy Couponer Marketplace we don’t charge listing fees, so you can have an unlimited number of listings.  If you’ve been selling coupons on Ebay then you know what a hassle it is to shuffle your listings around every week so you don’t exceed your shop limit.  Here, we have no limits and your listings stay live on the site until the coupons expire.

2. It’s Your  Business, Not Ours

If you’ve been selling at Coupon Fleamarket then you know what it’s like to have someone else tell you how many coupons you have to include in your lots and what your minimum price has to be.  They even tell you you’re not allowed to sell coupons anywhere else if you’re selling on their site.  We don’t care how many coupons you sell, what prices you sell at, or where you sell them.  It’s your  business, not ours.

3. It’s Easy To Get Started

Even if you’ve never sold coupons anywhere else – ever – it’s easy to set up your shop and start selling at The Happy Couponer Marketplace.  We even provide lots of helpful tips and How-To Videos on our special Vendors Only blog.

4. Easy Access To Reports

Manage your business right from your own vendor dashboard.  Our vendors have access to all the reports you need, including past and present orders and commissions reports.

5. We Handle Customer Service For You

Yes, customers can contact you directly through every one of your listings but we handle the bulk of their questions.  Most customers contact us using the contact forms we have all over the site.  Those emails come directly to us.  We handle their questions about coupons and delivery times, freeing up your time so you can focus on your business.

6. We Take On All The Risks

All customer payments come through the THCM Paypal account, not yours.  We absorb all those Paypal fees, but even more important – we take all the risks.  No more red flags waiting for you when you log in to your Paypal account.  And best of all, no more having your Paypal account tied up in limbo while you try to clear up a claim.

7. You Could Be Making Money Right Now!

Join The Happy Couponer Marketplace today and you could start making money today.  As soon as you enter that first listing your shop – and your coupons – become visible to the thousands of customers who visit our site every week.  Most new vendors have their first sale within their first 24 hours on our site.

Are You Ready to Sell Coupons at THCM?

What are you waiting for?  Join us today and start selling today!

For more information, view our Vendor Terms & Conditions.

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