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Having Problems at Check-Out? Read This!

If you’re having problems checking out, don’t panic.  We’re already working with Paypal.  The problem is with their website, not The Happy Couponer Marketplace, and ours isn’t the only website that’s affected.  Loads of other sites are having the same trouble.

Here’s what you can do…

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

If you don’t know what this means or how to do it, simply do a Google search for “Clear browser cache Chrome” or “Internet Explorer” or “Firefox” or whatever browser you use.  It’s very easy, really, and only takes a minute.

Next, restart your computer.

Now you should be able to complete your order and check-out.

We apologize for this confusion and, like I said, Paypal is aware of the problem and working diligently to find a solution.

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