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Add Upsells to Your Listings and Increase Your Sales (Video)

It’s a fact:  The more time you spend in a store the more likely you are to make an impulse purchase.  You might think you’re only going in for milk, and that’s why it’s at the back of the store.  As you walk by all those other attractive displays between the milk and the checkout stand, something is bound to grab your attention and you’ll toss it into the cart, too – even though you never even thought about buying it.

Give Your Customers Something to Look At

Once your listing is live go take  look at it and see what the customer sees.  It’s pretty, but it’s kinda boring.  Just that one product staring back from the page.

Now, imagine that ‘one product’ is a coupon for Prego spaghetti sauce.  If you went to an actual grocery store to buy Prego you’d probably find a huge display with not only Prego spaghetti sauce but also packages of spaghetti and parmesan cheese.  Maybe even some garlic bread.  And you’d probably buy at least one of these other items.

What if, when the customer clicks through on your Prego listing, they could also see your coupons for Ronzoni pasta and Kraft Parmesan Cheese?  And that coupon you have for New York Garlic Bread?

Get the idea, now?  Good!  Because you could also use this extra space to highlight those hot coupons that everybody’s looking for or those unique coupons that nobody knows you have or those coupons that are about to expire that you’ve marked down.

What Space Am I Talking About?

The Upsell Space!  And here’s how it works!

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