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Your Vendor Dashboard and Setting Up Your Shop

Your vendor dashboard is always available using the drop-down menu under “Vendors” in the navigation bar at the top of every page. This is your starting point.

From the vendor dashboard you have links to:

My Shop – This is what the public sees when they come to your shop. You can copy this link and use it in emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

My Settings – This is the page where you can create a shop description, explain your shipping procedures, or anything else you’d like people to know about your products/service.

Submit a Product – This is the page you’ll use to enter and edit each product.

Sales Report – Your sales report is always visible on your vendor dashboard. Be sure to read “Your Sales Report and The Order Process”  for more information about Sales Reports to learn what you need to do to get paid.


Setting Up Your Shop

Once you are logged in as a vendor your Vendor Dashboard can be found here:

From your Vendor Dashboard you can access your Store settings tab and the Payment settings tab.


Under the Settings Tab


Under the Settings tab, the following information is required:

  • Your shop name:  Can be multiple words, no underscores or hyphens necessary.  No special characters allowed.   After you’ve given your shop a name, please add a hyphen ( – ) and then add the state you ship from.  Ex: Susie’s Coupon Shop – Ohio.
  • Your store country, city, and state:  We don’t need your physical address but your country, city and state are required.  Many of our customers look to see where you’re shipping from so they can get their orders faster.


You may not use “The Happy Couponer”, “The Happy Couponers”, “Happy Couponer” or “Happy Couponers.”

No special characters allowed. You may use an apostrophe to designate ownership, such as “Donna’s Shop”.

It’s not necessary to separate words in your shop name with an underscore. Simply type the name of your shop exactly as you’d like it to appear.

Your shop name appears on all of your listings and it’s automatically linked to your shop. When buyers see your shop name on an individual listing they can click that link to view all the items in your shop. Again, this link occurs automatically. You don’t need to do anything special.

After you’ve named your shop you’ll be provided with a link you can use for promotional purposes. The link will look like this:

This link is automatically generated. You don’t need to do anything special.


Under the Payment Tab


Under the Payment Tab, please be sure to provide your valid Paypal address so we can send you your earnings each week.  We will make no attempt to contact you if you haven’t given us this information.  We’re all adults here.  If you want your money, give us your Paypal address.

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