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All Vendors Please Read – Let’s be careful out there!

Tide PODS and Detergent Coupons

Along with every new monthly P & G insert comes the rush of customers looking for those Tide coupons.  Those Tide coupons are great for sales but they cause a lot of problems for the Marketplace.  Problems that generally result in a lot of unhappy customers.  And customers who are not happy generally don’t return.  Worse, they tell their friends how unhappy they are and they don’t shop with us, either.

If you are selling the P & G whole inserts…

Do NOT put the word ‘Tide’ in your listing title unless the Tide coupon is in your inserts.

Do NOT use the word ‘Tide’ anywhere in your product description unless the Tide coupon is in your inserts.

No, you can NOT say, “Tide coupon not included.”  If the Tide coupon is NOT in your inserts, then do NOT mention it AT ALL.

If you DO have a Tide coupon inside your inserts, be VERY CLEAR about which Tide coupon it is.

If you are selling clipped Tide Coupons…

Be VERY CLEAR about which Tide coupon you are offering in your listing.

Do NOT use a picture of Tide PODS if your coupon is only valid on Tide Liquid or Powder Detergent.

Whether you are selling clipped coupons or whole inserts…

Using the word “Tide” anywhere in your listings – especially if you don’t have the Tide coupons – in order to attract more attention for your listing is misleading to our customers and harmful to the entire Marketplace.  No matter how you have it worded in your product title and description, when the customer sees the word “Tide” she automatically adds that listing to her cart.

And, as most of you know, we do not tolerate any activity that makes THCM customers unhappy – regardless of how high your sales are.

I strongly urge you to…

  1.  Check all of your Tide listings right now and edit them if necessary.
  2. Read our post about Refunds.
  3.  Use Priority Shipping with a tracking number for ALL of your large orders, especially if they involve ANY Tide coupon.   Paying an extra $3 or $4 for a tracking number is better than eating a $25 or larger refund or reshipping that order for free.  You are only one seller in this Marketplace so you don’t see all of the hullabaloo that results every time those Tide coupons are released.  Protect yourself and use a tracking number!
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