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The OOS Tag is for Internal Use ONLY – Please do NOT add it to your listings

There’s a TLDR at the bottom if you don’t have time to read this 🙂

Our system does not automatically delete expired or out-of-stock coupons, it has to be done manually.  If those expired or sold-out listings are not removed from the system they eventually pile up and create problems for the site.

Since most vendors don’t remember to delete expired or out-of-stock listings, I do it – manually – two or three times a week.

BUT – if I just delete these listings I have no way of knowing if you still need them for some reason.  Maybe you got more stock.  Maybe you still have orders to fill.  (Once a listing is put into Draft or deleted, that item won’t show up on the order and you’ll have no way of knowing what the customer ordered.)

SO – I use the OOS tag to designate those listings that are either out of stock or they’ll expire within the next 5-7 days.  I look at every listing, give the OOS tag to those that apply, and then I DELETE those OOS listings 24-48 hours later.  This gives YOU time to decide if you want to keep that listing for any reason and edit it before I delete it.

If YOU are using the OOS tag on your listings – and you put that tag there yourself – then those listings are going to be deleted right along with all the listings that I tag with OOS even if they NEVER expire and even if you have – an unlimited amount of stock.

No, I do NOT look at the expiration dates or stock levels before I hit ‘Delete’.  I look at those things BEFORE I give the listing the OOS tag.  Since I’m the only one who’s supposed to be using the OOS tag, I don’t feel it’s necessary to look at expiration dates or stock levels a second time.

TLDR – Don’t use the OOS tag unless you want me to delete your listings.  If you ARE using that tag, and you put it there yourself –  you need to remove it by 5 am tomorrow morning (5/15/18) or your listings will be deleted.

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