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All Vendors Please Read 3/5/19

Paypal transfers for 3/6

Please check your dashboards today and let me know if you have any problems.

This morning one vendor reported that when she checked her Total Commissions Due against her own calculations the numbers didn’t match. I need to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem.


I also get commission reports. In fact, I get TWO different reports. I get a report that shows your Total Commission Due and I get a report that shows the commission you get for each and every item you sell.

When I looked at both of those reports for this vendor MY reports were showing the correct totals for her. THESE are the reports I use when I do Paypal transfers. I don’t even look at your dashboards unless you tell me you’re having a problem.

Here’s what’s happening

The software we use that controls the Vendor activity on the website operates on multiple levels. It shows some things to the customers, it shows other things to YOU, and it shows even more things to ME. Each of these levels operates separate from the others.

We put through an update to this program very early on Sunday morning and it looks like that update might have screwed up your dashboards. But it did NOT screw up mine so there’s no need to panic.

Please Do Let Me Know If You Are Seeing This Issue On Your Own Dashboard

Before I can fix this I need to find out what’s causing it so it will help me narrow my search if I know who is experiencing this problem.

Are You Getting Your Order Confirmation Emails?

I have one vendor reporting that they’re not receiving the Order Confirmation Emails.

  1. Let me know if this is happening to you.
  2. Be sure to always monitor your dashboard for new orders. You never know when you email provider is going to change their filters.
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