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All Vendors 3/25/19

Please do not ship to any customer who is on the Banned Customer list!

I don’t put customers on the banned list unless I have a very good reason to believe that they have cheated us or will cheat us in the future. This is not a decision I just pull out of the sky. It’s based on something that specific customer has done to at least one vendor and I put those customers on the Banned list so they won’t be able to hurt another vendor.

I have no way of knowing if someone from the Banned list has placed an order. The only thing I can do is lock down their account but that doesn’t prevent them from creating another account.

When you ship to a banned customer you are risking your own inventory and you are putting this entire site and every other vendor on this site at risk. These customers have proven that they have no qualms about filing Paypal claims – even if they received their orders. And if they’ll do it once, they’ll do it again.

I don’t normally check the banned list when I issue refunds because I thought you vendors were, but I will be checking it from now on. Do NOT ship to the customers on the Banned Customer list no matter how attractive their order is. It’s just not worth it.

Please bookmark this link: Banned Customer List Please also check it regularly. Heck, print it out if you want to!

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