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Email Problem 8/1/2019

UPDATE:  8/2/19 7:16 AM EST – If you still can’t see your Orders page try refreshing your browser cache.  It may take a few minutes to resolve but this usually takes care of it.

UPDATE:  11:05 AM EST – From what I can see, emails are now going out to vendors again and all vendors can access their Orders page.  If you are still NOT seeing your Order Confirmation emails and/or your Orders page please let me know.  

  • Orders are still coming through. No problems with the shopping cart.
  • Payments are being received. No problems with Paypal.
  • Commissions are being calculated correctly and credited to your accounts. No problems with the Vendor program.
  • Vendors are still listing new coupons. No problems there.
  • Customers can still see their shopping carts, history, and order status.

Until we get this email problem fixed please closely monitor your dashboard for new orders.

Do NOT rely on your emails for shipping your orders. ONLY ship the orders that you see on your dashboard Orders Page.

One of the plugins that we use on the site is causing a conflict with our automatic emails. Most of the plugins that we use are for secondary functions, like monitoring the various stats on the site or making it easier for me to sort through all the listings to pull out expired coupons.

Some of the plugins have functions which are visible to you, though, and until I find out which one is causing this problem you may see some things happening on the site. For example, I disabled the plugin that controls that “Somebody just bought…” box you see down in the corner.

On a side note… If you think there’s a problem with the commissions showing on your dashboard…Don’t forget to change the date range.



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