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12/21/2019 Message to Vendors

Due to the holiday I’ll be processing the next Paypal transfer on Monday, Dec. 23.  The next transfer should be back on schedule for Wed, Jan 1.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a little slow lately taking care of emails and deleting expired coupons and all the other little things I do.  I also haven’t finished setting up that shipping feature that I promised.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the site and we’re not even thinking about shutting down or anything horrible like that.  I’ve just been really sick for the past 2 1/2 weeks and I’ve just been doing the bare minimum to get by.  And don’t worry, I’ve been taking care of customer emails even though I might have been a little slow taking care of vendor emails.

All’s well though and this crappy flu bug seems to have finally run it’s course.  Here’s hoping (and praying) that none of you get bitten by that nasty little guy!

Jessica and I (and the Minions) wish all of you the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest New Year EVER!



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