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Meat Prices Breaking Your Budget? Try These 5 Foods Instead!

As meat prices continue to rise it’s almost impossible to put even a simple meal of Manwich and french fries on the table. Even ground beef is sky high these days. How do you serve your family a nutritious meal without breaking your budget? Here are five foods you can serve that are just as tasty, and even a little healthier.


Using eggs as a substitute for meat doesn’t mean you have to serve scrambled eggs for dinner. There are lots of things you can do with eggs. Make deviled eggs. Put boiled eggs in a salad. Make egg salad sandwiches. Add an egg to your fried rice. Make an omelette or quiche. Just one egg has 6 grams of protein.

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Yes, tuna counts! So far, tuna prices seem to be unaffected. A 12 oz. can of Chicken of the Sea tuna runs around $3 to $4 and it contains 11 grams of protein. Add tuna to your salad or make tuna salad sandwiches. Whip up a hearty tuna casserole or just stir a can of tuna into your kids’ mac & cheese.

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Ah, beans, beans, the magical fruit. But let’s not forget how nutritious those little guys are. One cup of beans has 8 grams of protein! If your family cringes at the thought of a simple bean soup for dinner, try sprinkling garbanzo beans on a salad or make a batch of humus. Even chili without the meat is delicious and baked beans aren’t just a side dish.

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Almonds? Who wants to eat a handful of nuts for dinner, right? Wrong! One ounce of almonds has 11 grams of protein. Just 23 almonds covers your recommended daily amount of protein. Sprinkle them over your salad. Have them for a snack on Meatless Monday. Add them to your banana bread. Put them in your smoothie.


Did you know there are 85 grams of protein in a cup of yogurt? If meat prices are busting your budget, try adding yogurt to your breakfast menu instead of bacon. Substitute plain yogurt for half the mayonnaise in your salad dressings. Add it to your smoothies. Top it with granola for a tasty snack or hearty breakfast.

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