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Some numbers for you 6/27/2020

Just some numbers for those of you who like to know what’s going on in the world 🙂

March 2020 (2019)
avg net daily sales 532.51 (429.13)
total orders placed 1240 (1184)

Note the increase from 2019 to 2020.  March is when all the shutdowns started to happen and people were panic-buying.

April 2020 (2019)
avg net daily sales 367.07 (493)
total orders placed 649 (1171)

April!  Everything shut down and everybody sheltering in place.  Nobody was even thinking about coupons right now.

May 2020 (2019)
avg net daily sales 469.72 (387.62)
total orders placed 830 (1153)

States started lifting shutdowns and people started shopping again.  We had an increase in new customers because people were trying to figure out how to stretch their budgets.

June 2020 (2019)
avg net daily sales 586.28 (348.76)
Total orders placed 1072 (987)

June.  As more states relax restrictions, people are shopping re-stocking their stockpiles.  It’s interesting to note that June is typically one of the slower months of the year, along with July, but June 2020, which isn’t even over yet, beat January 2020 by about $30.00 per day.  (January, August and October are typically the top 3 months of the year.)

What’s Next?

In the past, July has always been a slow month.  Because shoppers usually don’t grocery shop as much in the summer, manufacturers didn’t release as many coupons and those they did release weren’t very ‘hot.’  They saved their discounts for August, when moms would be stocking up on school supplies, lunch items and snacks.

August has typically been the first or second highest selling month of the year.  People have more time to shop now and they’re restocking their stockpiles.

Here’s the numbers for July and August of 2019.

July 2019
avg net daily sales 455.29
total orders placed 1307

August 2019
avg daily sales 422.29
total orders placed 1399

However, we’ve had several things happen that might affect those numbers:

  • We’ve had changes in vendors on the site.
  • We’re running paid ads on Facebook to bring in more traffic.
  • We have a very responsive list of email subscribers and it keep growing every day – 425 as of today and 23% of them opened yesterday’s email.
  • Coronavirus?  Are people shopping more?  Less?  Will the kids go back to school?  How will that affect shopping habits and budgets?
  • Unemployment benefits are about to run out and stimulus checks are long gone

While June 2020 number are up over 2019, we’re way down on traffic to the site, by about 1500 visitors for the month.  Of course, we still have 4 more days – and it’s a P & G weekend – so those number will be a lot closer at the end of the month.

My thoughts, for what it’s worth

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m a risk taker.  I’m excited about the response we’re getting on Facebook.  The number of followers isn’t growing as fast as some other pages I have but the activity I see in IMs is extremely promising.  More so than any other page I’ve ever started.

I’m also excited about the newsletter response rate.  Yesterday, 14% of our subscribers clicked on a link in the newsletter!  That’s amazing!

The buzz is out there and I think it’s showing in the numbers.  If it were me, I wouldn’t back off a bit for July and I’d make sure I ramped up for August.

Hope that helps and ya’ll have a great weekend!


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