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An Interesting Tidbit To Start Your Day

I thought you guys might like to hear about something interesting that’s happening on the site.

On June 14 I added a new program to the site.  Keep that date in mind.

That new program automatically signs up customers for our newsletter when they check out.  So every customer who checks out is added to our list of subscribers.

BUT… they are only added once – the first time they check out.

Since June 14 we have added 978 subscribers to our newsletter.  That means at least 978 different people have purchased from THCM in the last 26 days!

Many of those people have placed multiple orders, and many of them have been shopping with us for months, or even years.  (I just had an email from someone who’s been shopping with us since THCM started way back in 2013!)

BUT… Many of those 978 new subscribers are also brand new customers!

Isn’t it fun to crunch numbers! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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