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Mail Delivery During COVID-19

We Are All Real People

Everyone associated with The Happy Couponer Marketplace is a real person.  Me, all of the Vendors and coupon clippers, and yes, even the Postal Employees who truck your coupons across the country and the carriers who deliver your coupons to your mailbox.  We are all human beings, and because of that:
  • We can all be exposed to COVID-19 – Including Postal Workers – at any time, and become seriously ill.
  • We may all have to self-quarantine for 14 days or more because we’ve been exposed to COVID-19 – including Postal Workers

So, where are my freakin’ coupons!?!?

If you’re like me, you’ve tuned out the TV News lately.  It’s just too freakin’ depressing.
But here’s the thing…
There’s all kinds of political turmoil going on between Congress and the US Postal Service right now and it’s causing major delivery delays across the country.  I’m going to include some links below to some information that’s been posted just within the past few days, but here are a few quotes:


“Besides cutting overtime, the new plan halts late trips that are sometimes needed to ensure on-time delivery. If postal distribution centers are running late, “they will keep the mail for the next day,″ Postal Service leaders say in a document obtained by The Associated Press. “One aspect of these changes that may be difficult for employees is that — temporarily — we may see mail left behind or mail on the workroom floor or docks,″ another document says.”



“Packages that used to take no more than three days to get delivered are now being delayed for weeks. “Our hands are tied,” one letter carrier told Motherboard, “and we are constantly set up for failure.”



“The cases (of COVID-19) are exacerbating staffing shortages, said Nick Casselli, president of APWU Local 89. When an employee tests positive, they cannot work for at least two weeks, and employees who have been in contact with them are forced to quarantine for 14 days. If there is no one to fill in, the mail doesn’t go out.”



So, whose fault is it?

I need someone to yell at!

Quite honestly, it’s nobody’s fault but if you have to point fingers point them at COVID-19 and the White House.

Our vendors are clipping and shipping as fast as they ever have.  If you place your order before Noon Monday through Friday it will ship that same day.  But once the vendors turn those envelopes over to the Post Office there is absolutely nothing we can do to speed up delivery or make sure it’s delivered to the correct address.  Period.

Postal Employees are working harder than ever but there’s only so much they can do, and even in good times they make mistakes, too.  After all, they’re only human.   🙂

I’m Still Happy To Help!

I’m still happy to help so please contact me any time you have a question.  Heck, contact me just to say ‘Hi’ some time.  Some of you have been around for years and I’ve never met you!
But when you do contact me, please keep in mind:
We’re all in this together!

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