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Major Site Update On The Way

It’s time, folks. It’s been a really long time – like years – since we did a major overhaul on the site. Oh, we put through little mini-updates almost every week, but I think we’ve about hit the point where all those little mini-updates are starting to clash in the background. It’s not causing any major problems – yet – but this time around we’re going to be pro-active and nip it in the bud before it starts.

I know you vendors have a couple of problems, like you can’t search through your listings and the shipping label is printing funny. I have a couple of small problems on the backend, too. You guys don’t see them but they’re getting to be annoying. I also think there’s something wrong with the rating system right now.

We’re Opening Up The Floor For Suggestions

A lot of you have been on this site for years, some of you have been here from the very beginning. We have some time here to actually plan this thing out. (It’s not like the last time where we had to move in the middle of the night while the house was burning down around us!) So, what would you like to see?

Tell us:

  • What would you like us to add? (We’re looking for a different way for you to print shipping labels.)
  • What needs to be fixed?
  • Is there a useless feature you think we could do without?
  • What about the appearance of the site? Should we change the header or the colors?
  • What would make it easier for you to sell? To process orders?

Throw us any suggestions you have. While we can’t guarantee they’ll all make it into the new site, we will definitely consider each and every one.

When Will We Be Moving?

We don’t have a definite date on this yet but will be at least another month, probably sometime in mid- to late October.

We will definitely be sending out emails to all vendors to let you know when we have the date nailed down and what you’ll need to do on your end to facilitate the move. (Don’t worry. Usually all you have to do is stay out of your shops for a few minutes.)

Bookmark this page so you can open it and tell us about it every time something comes to mind!

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