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Gracie’s Daily Deal Details

Beginning tomorrow we’re going to start running a daily deal on the site. The goal is to bring in more daily traffic, of course, but also to get customers into the habit of checking the site daily to see what’s new.

Here’s what you need to know:

All vendors are required to leave a comment at the end of this post to show that you have read it.

This is Gracie’s Daily Deal page. Bookmark it now and check it every day to see if any of your coupons are featured.


If it is your listing that’s being featured for Gracie’s Daily Deal or any of the related products shown below it do NOT change the price or edit anything on your listing until the next day. If you do change your price while your listing is the Daily Deal you, the vendor, will be responsible for covering all the coupons. That means you will lose money!

We will be using a coupon code to give customers a discount. THCM eats the discount and you, the vendor, get your full commission from the sale.

The coupon code will only be good for the purchase of one lot per customer of the featured listing unless otherwise indicated.

The coupon code will only be valid from 9 am EST until Noon. This will probably change once we get the feel for how this is going to work but we want to make sure it does work before we go to a full 24 hours.

We will also be including 3 related products listings under the featured Daily Deal listing. Please do not edit the price or anything else on these listings, either.

When possible we’ll be including deal information in the Daily Deal to give our customers a heads-up on things like which stores are having a sale on that item right now or how much they’ll save if their store doubles that coupon.

How will we choose the item for the Daily Deal?

We will be looking at what’s trending on the site, what is or will be HOT, inventory level, price, etc. But most important – the goal is to get people to visit the site every day so we’ll be looking for the listings we think will attract them.

How will we choose the related items?

The same way we choose the Daily Deal.

Can Vendors Make Suggestions?

Yes, BUT…

You need to have some inventory. Not a lot, to begin with, but if this takes off like we hope it will we’re going to need inventory to cover the demand.

You need to provide some information other than, “This is the Tide coupon. It’s always hot.” Our customers already know we have the Tide coupon and they know they need to get here quickly if they want it. We’re trying to show them why they should come to our site every day and look at all of our other coupons and inserts, not just when the Tide coupon comes out.

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