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It’s That Time Again

Looking for Inserts?

Save With Tiara and Top Notch Savings are both willing to supply whole inserts for THCM vendors. If you’d like their email addresses give me a shout. Both of these sellers have been with us for quite some time now and they’re both reliable and trustworthy. NOTE: You negotiate your own deal off the site and THCM is not responsible in any way.

It’s That Time Again

For those of you who are new to THCM, there is nothing wrong with the site! Every year toward the end of November we go into a major slump. It seems to have started about 10 days early this year. Maybe it’s the election, maybe it’s COVID, maybe it’s the actual coupons or lack thereof in the inserts, but whatever it is, it looks like it’s here.

As always, do not panic. It’s going to be very quiet around here until the first inserts of 2021. That first weekend in January there are generally 5 or 6 inserts. Not only do we get bombarded with orders we also pick up a few boatloads of brand new customers. It’s a real flurry of activity for at least the first 2 months of the year.

So use this time to line up plenty of inventory for January, especially if you’re having trouble getting stock right now.

Keep Your Shop Stocked

Because it gets so slow you might be tempted to close up shop until the first of the year. I strongly urge you not to do this. Keep some listings in your shop, especially the popular listings. Our regular customers still shop with us during November and December and you want them to continue see your shop in the lineup.

Adjust Your Inventory

I know you each have your own sources for inserts. If at all possible, maybe you could see what’s going to be in that next insert before you pay for it. This is the time of year when manufacturers also publish fewer coupons. If there are no sellable coupons in that next insert then either buy fewer or don’t buy any at all – if your source will allow it.

Use This Time To…

  • Line up plenty of inventory for the new year
  • Get your tax records in order
  • Analyze your business
  • Set up a new spreadsheet and track something – sales, profits, etc.
  • Analyze the competition. And not just the other vendors at THCM, look at other sellers websites and Facebook pages.
  • Strategize! Can you adjust the number of inserts you get every week so you can get more of the inserts that do sell and fewer of the ones that don’t? Can you adjust your lot sizes to maximize your sales and profit? How can you use the Pareto Principle to improve your business? (Tip: It’s really fun to see how this applies to your business and how you can use it to improve your profits.)
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