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THCM Vendor Terms & Conditions

You (the Vendor) are responsible for reviewing and understanding our rules for sellers. Knowing our policies before you list an item can lead to smoother, more successful transactions, and it can help you avoid breaking rules by mistake.

THCM is a friendly, fun place to sell coupons. We’re very easy to deal with and we’re very flexible. If you have an idea and you’re not sure it will fly, contact us first and we’ll see what we can work out.

On the other side of the coin, we’re also fiercely protective of our customers, our sellers, and The Happy Couponer Marketplace as a whole. We will not issue warning after warning after warning. These are our Terms & Conditions. We strongly urge you to read them now.


If we contact you via email regarding a question or problem with an order, we expect a response within 24 hours.  If we have to send more than 2 emails to get your attention we may come to the conclusion that you are not monitoring your shop.  If you are not monitoring your shop then you are probably also not shipping your orders.

 Therefore, if, after 2 attempts, you still haven’t responded to our email, your shop will be put in draft mode so it’s not visible to customers and any pending fees you are owed will be forfeited until and unless the matter is resolved.

General Information

  • Original manufacturer coupons, individually or in packages
  • Whole, unclipped Smartsource, Redplum and P&G coupon inserts, individually or in packages
  • Original Peelie, Blinkie and Tearpad coupons
  • Original Restaurant coupons, individually or in packages
  • Original individual store coupons, individually or in packages
  • Coupon binders, wallets, systems and other coupon-related accessories
  • How-To books – physical books only, no digital downloads
  • Copied, printed or counterfeit coupons
  • Links to Printable coupons
  • Any digital downloads
  • Listings that don’t offer anything for sale or those that offer intangible items aren’t allowed.
  • A listing also shouldn’t include personal opinions, political views, or offensive comment.
  • Listings that sell an opportunity to win an item or prize either by chance or in connection with a skill contest.
  • Presale listings
  • Anything involving guns and firearms, pornography and adult entertainment, live animals, prescription drugs, beer, wine and alchohol, toxic/hazardous chemicals, drugs and drug paraphernalia, lottery tickets, human body parts, fireworks, Government documents, IDS, and licenses.

Vendors may set their own prices and package configurations.  When pricing your products, please keep in mind that our system does not add in shipping costs.  All shipping is at the seller’s expense.

While there are no listing fees at THCM, there is a selling fee for each item sold.  This fee is based on the selling price of each item.  Selling fees are further explained below.

Sellers may have an unlimited number of listings. Sellers are responsible for the information contained in their listings, including coupon limitations, values and expiration dates.

  • No outbound links allowed.
  • Each of your listings has a space where you can provide all necessary information about the item.
  • Each of your listings will automatically include a link back to your Storefront where you can include pertinent information such as your shipping location or any special services you might offer.

You may NOT use any promotional methods to lead customers away from The Happy Couponer Marketplace and to any other coupon clipping service. Any vendor caught doing so will immediately have their shop deleted and all fees owed will be retained by The Happy Couponer Marketplace.

Sellers are responsible for complaints related to their specific shop only.

Customer complaints that come directly to THCM will be directed or forwarded to the individual Seller. You will have 24 hours to address complaints.

If you have not satisfied the customer within 24 hours THCM will automatically step in and take care of it, your shop may be suspended or closed, and if necessary a claim will be issued against your Paypal account for any fees or refunds required to satisfy the customer.

If, for any reason, your shop is suspended or closed, you forfeit any and all fees and any and all transactions that haven’t been transferred.

  • All vendors are required to comply with our THCM guarantee that all orders placed by Noon EST Monday – Friday will ship that same day via USPS First Class Mail.
  • We do not ship on Sundays.
  • Saturday shipping and cut-off times are up to the discretion of the individual vendor.
  • THCM also guarantees free shipping on all orders, no matter how large or small and our system is not set up to add shipping fees to orders. Please remember this when setting your prices.
  • Seller must use Order Comments to send tracking number to Buyer.
  • Seller is responsible for all shipping and packing costs.
  • Seller is responsible for insuring package, if necessary.

Listing Policy and Guidelines

While your focus is on selling your own coupons, our focus here at THCM is on providing the best coupon-buying platform for our customers. In the end our goals are the same: You want to sell more coupons and we want you to sell more coupons.

But to achieve that goal for both of us our focus must be on making it as easy as possible for customers to feel comfortable shopping our site and for them to find what they are looking for.  With that goal in mind, please follow these guidelines when listing your items on the site.

  • MUST start with a dollar sign ($) – Example $1/1
  • MUST include a decimal point if applicable – Example $.75/1 or $1.50/1
  • The dollar sign and coupon value MUST be followed by the name of the product – Example $1.50/1 BIC Disposable Razors
  • Next, the expiration date – Example (00/00/00)
  • And finally, your lot size – Example Lot of 12

Character count: Titles may include up to 51 characters, including spaces.

Spacing: Please check your listing titles to make sure you’re using spaces between dates and words so everythingdoesn’trunoninonelongsentence.

Coupon Description: Where to put all the rest of that information? In the “Product Description” box! That’s where it’s supposed to go and that’s where it appears best for the customer.

  • MUST start with the words “Whole Inserts”

Character count: Titles may include up to 51 characters, including spaces.

Spacing: Please check your listing titles to make sure you’re using spaces between dates and words so everythingdoesn’trunoninonelongsentence.

There are only two special characters permitted in listing titles.  You may only use – or ( )

Do not use periods or asterisks, hearts or stars or exclamation points or any other characters you think might help your listing stand out from the rest.  At best, they mess up the appearance on the site.  At worst, they affect how your listings – and our site – appear in Google search results.

  • You may use pictures of the actual coupon or you may use pictures of the product, or you may use a placeholder image such as the logo for your shop. If you don’t want to worry about images at all, we have a placeholder image that will automatically appear on your listing.
  • You may not use another Vendor’s images for your listings.
  • When you enter an image on one of your listings that same image is used in several different locations on the site and each location shows your image at a different size.

  • Your image will look best in all locations if it is exactly 500 pixels high by 500 pixles wide and if it has a white background.

  • Using images that are smaller than 500 x 500, either on one side or both, may cause your image to appear stretched and blurry in some of the larger locations.


Any vendor who violates any of our policies may have his or her shop deleted without warning and all sales accrued will be forfeited, regardless of the amount. We may also file a Paypal complaint against you to recoup losses due to customer refund requests that come in after you’re gone.

We reserve the right to change any or all of our Vendor Terms & Conditions at any time.



Last updated: Sept. 1, 2020

Selling Fees , Shop Fees, Taxes, and Refunds

Each seller is responsible for his/her own local, state, and federal taxes and any necessary licensing fees.

THCM does not collect sales  tax on products sold.

Each Seller is responsible for his/her own Paypal fees related to weekly payouts.  

Payouts are further explained below.

THCM does not collect a shipping fee from the customer.  Each Seller is responsible for his/her own shipping and handling fees and supplies.

If we close your shop because you’ve ignored our rules we will not refund any fees. If we close your shop because of extreme customer complaints, we may also keep any or all pending commissions and/or file a chargeback against your Paypal account.

Selling Fees

For Clipped Coupons

  • For sales totaling $1.00 – $250.00 for the week the selling fee is 16% + $.05 per item sold
  • For sales totaling $251.00 – $500.00 for the week the selling fee is 15% + $.05 per item sold
  • For sales totaling $501.00 or more for the week the selling fee is 14% – $.05 per item sold (Typo. Fixed to read “14% on 10/26/2020)

For Whole Inserts

  • For sales totaling $1.00 – $250.00 for the week the selling fee is 15.5% + $.05 per item sold
  • For sales totaling $251.00 – $500.00 for the week the selling fee is 14.5% + $.05 per item sold
  • For sales totaling $501.00 or more for the week the selling fee is 13.5% – $.05 per item sold

For Peelies, Blinkies, Tearpads and Specialty Coupons

  • For sales totaling $1.00 – $250.00 for the week the selling fee is 15.5% + $.05 per item sold
  • For sales totaling $251.00 – $500.00 for the week the selling fee is 14.5% + $.05 per item sold
  • For sales totaling $501.00 or more for the week the selling fee is 13.5% – $.05 per item sold

Customer refunds are the responsibility of the Vendor who sold the item in question.  If the Vendor has already received commission for that item then the refund will be deducted from their next Paypal transfer.  

If the Vendor has not yet been paid for the item:

The refund amount will be deducted from the Commissions Due on the Vendor Dashboard IF that was the only item on the order or if the total order was refunded and the Vendor was the only Vendor on the order.

The refund amount will not be reflected on the Vendor Dashboard if there was more than one item on the order or if there was more than one Vendor on the order.  In that event, the refund will be manually deducted from the Vendor’s next payout.

If there is not enough Commission Due in the Vendor’s next payout a Paypal invoice or claim may be filed against the Vendor to reclaim the funds.

Paypal transfers will be processed before 12:00 pm EST (noon) every Wednesday, unless there’s a holiday. Holiday transfers generally take place a day or two earlier so vendors have their money in case they need it for holiday shopping.

All Paypal transfers are processed as payment for goods and services, and the vendor pays the Paypal fee.

  • You must have a Paypal account attached to your Shop.
  • All customer payments are made directly to THCM via Paypal only and then transferred to the seller’s Paypal account, minus selling fees and shop fee, once a week.
  • You will automatically receive an email notification every time someone orders from your shop and completes the payment process.
  • Sellers’ orders and commissions are instantly visible on the Vendor Dashboard Orders Report.
  • Paypal transfers are made once a week, every Wednesday, generally by 12:01 pm (noon) EST. Unshipped orders, unresolved issues and customer charge backs against THCM will be passed on to the responsible Seller’s Paypal account via a deduction from the next week’s fee transfer. If the vendor has no pending fees for us to transfer we will not hesitate to place a hold on your Paypal account to cover customer refunds.
  • IMPORTANT: This is YOUR money. We always transfer fees every Wednesday like clockwork. On occasion you may need your money in the middle of the week. If we’re awake and online – which we usually are – we’re happy to transfer your money to you any time you want it 🙂 This service is provided for emergencies only.
  • Shops with no activity will be automatically deleted after 30 days and no refunds will be issued.

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