$Free/1 Manufacturer coupons (12/31/19) Lot of 80

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This is for the hardcore couponers that love to keep their money. Choose any (80) manufacturer coupons for $96.99.

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Coupon prices range from $2.00- $14.99. These coupons are good for any of the items listed, if they are in stock. They are redeemable at any grocery store where these products are available. Choose any (80) coupons that are listed in my inventory. **Max of (10) of the same coupons.** List the coupons you want in the customer order notes. If you don’t list them, you will receive (80) random coupons of our choice.

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Great Service

Posted onApril 10, 2018 by

My first order, I was so excited after placing a large order to have you throw in a few extra coupons. Great selling point, I was encouraged to place another order. This order was even larger. Boy was I bummed not any extra coupons.

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*For every order placed, you will receive bonus coupons, including “pick your own” and “grab bag”. Example, if your total exceeds $10, you will receive (1) free coupon. If your total exceeds $100, you will receive (10) free coupons, and so on.*

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